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      Barrett Rabinow, PhD

Chemistry  - University of Chicago



Expertise:  Manufacturing Troubleshooting; Pharmaceutical Stability; Innovative, Compelling Regulatory Strategies; Leadership of Complex Programs; New Product Conception/Evaluation




Experience: Headed Chemistry R&D department at Baxter; Baxter Distinguished Scientist; Devised major drug delivery platform, used for 6 HIV drugs in development by major pharma; Conceived and developed rapid testing approach expediting change control, reducing stability testing, showing compliance with Good Distribution Practices, and minimizing testing for elemental impurities, and leachables, endorsed by MHRA; Troubleshot complex corrosion issue affecting manufacturing process, implemented for key product line; Improved manufacturing processes resolving pH and particulate issues, retiring imminent product recall issues for major, strategic product lines; Developed industry position/white paper and presented to FDA on storage labeling, saving millions of dollars in unnecessary costs




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