BioPhia Team

Edwin moore, Phd

Analytical  Methods and CMC  Strategy Development

Richard Johnson, PHD

Complement Biochemistry and Immunology

Bruce Riser, PHD

Renal, Cardiovascular, and Metabolic Diseases

Shelley Maves, PHD

Protein Biochemist and Molecular Biology

 Deborah Rice

Toxicology and    Biocompatibility Testing

 edward chess, phd

Mass Spec and Chemical Structure Elucidation  Extractable/ Leachable

david leblond, phd 

CMC and Non-Clinical Statistics Preclinical Statistics

 m. r. azari, phd

Process Development Manufacturing of Therapeutic Proteins and Enzymes

charlene stubbs, Phd

Clinical Trial Design and Developments

Jeffrey staecker, Phd

     Analytical Methods and     CRO Oversight


Robin geller, phd

Regulatory Risk Management and Pharmacovigilance

robert lang

Electrical Engineering

Steven Laurenz, ms

Formulation, Process Development, Tech Transfer of Small Drugs

james diorio, ms

Imaging and Ultrastructural Analysis

barrett rabinow, phd

Manufacturing and Regulatory Strategies and Pharmaceutical Stability

kimberly rohn

Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Quality Assurance

Marc minkus

Project Management


Analytical Methods and CMC Strategy


Biotherapeutics Analytical Development and Quality Control


Project Management


Medicinal Chemistry, Small Molecule Synthesis and Manufacturing

Matthew cherian, PHD  

Drug delivery, Sterility, and Liposomal Formulations